What to Expect with Dental Implants

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Dr. Thornell discusses how guided implant surgery can give you peace of mind through precision

Providing Clarity to Your Care

Dental implants have been found to be one of the best solutions to replacing missing teeth thanks to their numerous benefits, including functionality, appearance and longevity. When restoring your mouth with something so life-changing, it is important to choose a dentist with experience, years of training and the most modern technology so you can get the results you deserve. Dr. William Thornell has over 30 years of experience with oral surgery and dental implants.  With hundreds of hours of training and continuing education behind him, Dr. Thornell’s main goal is your comfort and successful results. We understand that the dental implant process can be confusing, so we want to be transparent with our patients on what they can expect when they choose our practice to be their dental health care provider.

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The Planning Phase

During the dental implant planning phase, we will take 3D images of your mouth and oral structures to have a better understanding of what needs to be done. These images are used to develop a treatment plan or blue print to create the smile you have always wanted. These images also allows us to fabricate a surgical implant guide which directs Dr. Thornell to the precise angle, depth and location for each of your dental implants. If you do not have sufficient  bone volume to support implants, then a bone grafting procedure will be performed before or during the time of implant placement and allowed to heal as part of your treatment plan.

Placing Your Dental Implants

Ensuring your comfort and safety during implant surgery is of utmost importance. Many patients wonder about the level of discomfort they will experience. Dr. Thornell is trained to offer soothing  IV sedation    certified in IV sedation, so you have a relaxing and stress free experience through your entire procedure. We will place your dental implants using our implant guide to ensure precision and safety. Often, we can extract a failing tooth and place an implant in the same day!

Smile Today Full Arch Dental Implants

The Smile Today dental implant solution is a unique procedure that has been developed  to give patients a full arch of new teeth the same day as their dental implant surgery. On the day of your procedure, we can remove your failing  teeth, place four or more dental implants  and custom fabricate a beautiful and functional set of teeth created by our  master lab technician. Everything is performed  in our office  so you will never be without any teeth.

Restoring Your Dental Implants

The final phase for dental implants in Pagosa Springs, CO is the restoration of your teeth. In most cases, your dental crowns will be created and placed onto your implants the same day as your implant surgery. These crowns are aesthetically pleasing and virtually just as strong as your natural teeth. You will clean them just like normal, but they are also highly stain-resistant and cannot develop cavities!

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The Healing Process

Many patients wonder what to expect following dental implant surgery.  A soft diet and plenty of rest are necessary to ensure proper healing .  Strenuous exercise is limited for a time but many of our patients continue with their normal routine within a few days after their procedure.  Everyone’s time required to heal is different but we commonly hear that our patient’s experience through the entire process was better than they expected!

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