New teeth in just one day.
no more dentures!

No cost consultation: Know what’s possible for you!
Includes preliminary evaluation and CBCT image ($500 value)

Medicare may pay up to $10,000 for medically necessary oral surgery.
Other patients have had 30-50% of the surgical procedure covered


“I am so thankful for the professionalism of Dr. Thornell and his interest in detail of examination of the whole mouth. Two years ago I went in for an implant consult, and am so thankful for his ability, as he was able to detect a hidden infection that was destroying the bone in my jaw, and was beginning to invade the sinuses. That day he spent the time to do the emergency surgery to save the jaw and stop the infection, which would have invaded my sinus cavity. Because of his diligence in keeping up with the latest knowledge, Dr. T was able to graft in the destroyed area of my jaw, and over several months, the bone was able to grow and heal. Later I received an implant which has been a godsend for me. I know Dr. T is my first choice for dentistry and beyond — his practice is one where you know you come first, one of genuine concern for the patient.”

“Dr. Thornell helped save my life. I was having constant health problems that were getting worse everyday. My diseased teeth and gums were draining me of my energy and it was impossible to stay healthy. After removing all of my bad teeth, Dr. Thornell placed dental implants and I got a new set of teeth in just one day. I am now healthier and feel better than I have in a long time. Dr. Thornell you are a life saver! I can’t thank you enough.”

The Exclusive Provider of the Smile Today Solution

The Benefits of Smile Today

Our Smile Today Process

We offer our patients a free initial consultation to introduce you to our office, doctor and team. A CBCT scan (three dimensional image) will be taken for preliminary evaluation to help determine the appropriate direction of treatment for you. Most important, we listen to your story and what is most important to you along with a discussion about your goals for your health and any treatment outcome  you would like to experience.

At this appointment we will examine your bone structure, teeth, gum tissue, muscles, joints, and overall mouth function to ensure you are a good candidate to receive dental implants with the Smile Today procedure. We will go over our findings with you, answer any questions you may have and discuss financing options, including finding out if Medicare will cover a portion of your treatment!

In some cases, patients do not have proper bone volume and will need to receive bone grafting before receiving their new smile. Some patients may need to have remaining or failing teeth removed to make space for dental implants or the new teeth. If you have enough bone volume at this stage, we can often continue the implant process after extraction.

Dr. Thornell utilizes a dental implant guide that he creates out of your three dimensional CBCT scan, which accurately directs him to the precise location to place your implants. We will place four or more dental implants in your jaw at strategic locations. Patients are sedated at this time and many choose IV sedation for a relaxing and stress free experience.

Immediately after you have your dental implants placed, we will give you a customized new set of teeth made by a master dental lab technician. These new teeth will look and function just like natural teeth!

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