Dr. Thornell and his wife Sherry have lived in Pagosa Springs for over sixteen years. Originally drawn by the natural beauty of southwest Colorado, there was something about the people and community of Pagosa Springs that made the transition from city life to rural America more of a calling. This move was the prefect marriage of serving and making a difference with the love of all that Pagosa Springs has to offer.

Dr. Thornell has over thirty years of experience in every facet of modern dentistry with specialized training in dental implant surgery and complex restorative care. Dentistry has changed dramatically over the years and Dr. Thornell has stayed on top of all the latest advancements and technology by participating in over a hundred and fifty hours of advanced clinical education a year.

One of the most exciting advances in dentistry Dr. Thornell passionately offers is the Teeth in A Day or the All-on-4 technique for those individuals who may be losing all their teeth or have dentures that do not fit well, look good or function properly. If someone has battled tooth decay, endless dental repairs or gum disease that has never gone away even after treatment, the All-on-4 solution is truly a ‘God Send’. Instead of this being a hopeless situation the All-on-4, Teeth in A Day solution can deliver stability and peace of mind where there is no longer any worry or anxiety about your dental health.

Dr. Thornell can now offer life restoring hope to those who have these debilitating conditions by giving them beautiful teeth, confidence and functionality in just one day. This is a service that Dr. Thornell has been uniquely trained and certified in that only few dentists are qualified to perform. Nowhere else in southwest Colorado can you exchange your poor dental health and teeth for a vibrant new healthy smile in just one day!

Dr. Thornell is also proud to be a member of Spear Education’s faculty club, an organization dedicated to providing advanced education and dental restorative training to dentists.

 This specialized training has allowed him to dramatically change the health and quality of life for those who have the most challenging dental disabilities.

Along with this specialized training, Dr. Thornell has also been awarded Diplomat status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, their highest level of accreditation and Master accreditation with the International Dental Implant Association for his expertise in dental implant surgery and dental implant restoration. These organizations are led by the most respected and experienced implantologists from all over the world and have rigorous standards and requirements for implant excellence that Dr. Thornell has attained.

In addition, he has been selected by the Academy of General Dentistry to receive their coveted Mastership award in 2017 for completing over fifteen hundred hours of advanced continuing education in every dental discipline being taught today, an achievement that less than three percent of all dentists in the U.S. and Canada have obtained. Along with the all the training and education Dr. Thornell possesses, special attention has also been given to the latest technology he owns and utilizes daily to provide a level of care that rivals any specialty practice in a large metropolitan city.

One of the best things about being a dentist Dr. Thornell says is being able to change the lives of people he serves. He believes that the well being of the whole body depends on keeping all areas of the body disease free. When he can help restore someone back to health, function and happiness, it is a reward that lives on past the service itself and will impact the lives of others for years to come. This is the legacy Dr. Thornell wants to leave and he is passionate about serving others with the best dentistry has to offer.

“All great things are simple and may be expressed in a single word: Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope.”
—Winston Churchill

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