The Cost of Dental Implants

Most affordable pricing on full arch implants in Colorado

The best way to get an accurate price is to come in for your free, no-obligation consultation. Providing costs without an in-person evaluation can be misleading—and a disservice to patients.

One Price, No Surprises

At your free consultation, we’ll take digital imaging, evaluate and discuss your treatment options. This allows us to assess and develop a treatment plan that factors in your specific needs and give you a precise, all-inclusive cost. There are no hidden costs and no separate bills from different providers. The cost includes everything from start to finish to transform your smile, including:
  • A pre-procedure exam
  • The procedure to place the implants
  • The creation of your custom prosthetic teeth
  • Post-procedure check-ups and fitting your custom teeth

Medicare may pay up to $10,000 for medically necessary oral surgery.
Other patients have had 30-50% of the surgical procedure covered

“I could not be happier with the experience Dr. Thornell and his staff provided. I now can eat all the kinds of food I had to give up on and no more feeling bad or being embarrassed about my smile. I have been telling everyone around me to look at my new teeth! I do feel different about myself and it really shows to others. After watching my parents, my aunts and uncles struggle with dentures, I made a conscious decision to never have false teeth like they had. The All-on- 4, Teeth in A Day procedure has been a major blessing in my life because I now have a full set of natural looking teeth without the hassle and discomfort of dentures.”

Factors That Influence Dental Implant Cost

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Are dental implants within my budget?

Depending on how extensive your treatment is, the dental implant cost will vary. Replacing a single missing tooth is very different than replacing your entire mouth with full arch dental implants.

If you are seeking full arch dental implants, then any remaining teeth will need to be extracted to make space for the bridge prosthesis. We can extract these extra teeth or any failing, damaged or diseased teeth to get you prepared for dental implant treatment.

If you have lost bone volume in your jaw where implants are to be placed due to disease or trauma, bone grafting will need to be performed either before, during or after implant placement. Without healthy bone quality and quantity your dental implants will not be held in place firmly and can fail. Oftentimes, we can work with Medicare to have a portion of your bone grafting procedure covered!
  • We always provide anesthetic and sedation during dental implant treatment. Thornell is certified to provide IV Conscious Sedation to create an anxiety free appointment. This level of sedation puts you in a dream-like state and most patients have little to no memory of the visit to our office.

Having adequate oral health is key when replacing teeth with dental implants. If you have any serious oral conditions that could negatively affect the outcome of your treatment, we may recommend that another healthcare provider treat those concerns before we move on to dental implants. There also maybe other general health concerns or disease states that need to be cured or optimized before receiving any dental implant treatment. Starting with a healthy mouth is necessary for optimal results.

We Work with Medicare!

At our Pagosa Springs, CO office, we work closely with you to make the dental implant process as affordable as possible. To allow for more patients to receive the life-changing dental implant treatment, we work closely with Medicare. Medicare will pay a percentage of some of the procedures necessary to deliver your treatment that can save you thousands of dollars toward the smile and quality of life you have always wanted. Most dental care providers don’t work with Medicare at all, but we have seen how this benefit alone can make the difference in changing someone’s life by providing that little extra needed to make these procedures affordable. To qualify, enroll. Also, make sure Medicare is your primary healthcare insurance and that you have Part B as part of your plan.  Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning  Medicare participation. We will do everything we can to help you get the most coverage and financial assistance so your dental implant cost is as low as possible!