Which Implant Solution is Best for You?

The Ideal Tooth Replacement Solutions

Dental implants are a versatile restoration solution that can replace one to several missing or failing teeth, even someone who is missing or losing all their teeth.  Implant restorations  can give you the natural look of a tooth while giving you back nearly 100 percent of natural function to your mouth. Dental implants are considered the gold standard solution to tooth loss over dentures, partials or bridges. But it can be hard to understand which option is best suited to your needs, so we recommend coming into our Pagosa Springs, Colorado office for a dental implant consultation to discover what will give you the ideal results. For those looking for more information, check out our Dental Implant FAQ or What to Expect page for answers to those important questions!

Why Choose Dental Implants

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Dr. Thornell Talks about Dental Implant Options

Smile Today Solution

Those seeking a more permanent and non removable full arch solution are encouraged to consider Dr. Thornell’s exclusive Smile Today teeth replacement system. This option allows us to give you a brand new smile using four to six implants and teeth that are permanently fixed to the implants.  The best part is that we can do the entire procedure in just one day! This includes tooth removal, implant placement and a fabulous set of new teeth. All the procedures are completed in our office by Dr. Thornell and his team of restorative experts. Everything is customized to your needs and you will never be referred away from our office for your care.

Our Dental Implant Options

We commonly replace individual teeth with dental implants. If you have lost a tooth anywhere in your mouth, we can replace it with an aesthetic dental implant restoration that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

If you are missing multiple teeth in a row, we can place an implant supported bridge that will replace those missing teeth without having to damage or alter natural surrounding teeth. This allows us to replace many teeth and save you money by using the fewest number of implants necessary.

Current denture wearers or those who will need dentures in the near future can benefit from implant supported dentures. With this full arch solution to tooth loss, Dr. Thornell can add  two to four dental implants into your jaw and create a denture that is retained by those implants. This adds improved retention and function to the denture, allowing you to be more confident in your daily routines and interactions with others. Implant supported dentures solve many of the concerns denture wearers often have that is superior to conventional removable options.