Specialized Procedures

Implant surgery in Pagosa Springs

When you need specialized oral care, Pagosa Dental Implant Center can give you a hand. Keeping your oral hygiene up to par is key to keeping your general health in check, so don't neglect any tooth or gum pain. At the first sign of pain, give us a call and our expert dentist can take a look and pinpoint what's bothering you.

Implant surgery

If dentures or bridgework doesn't work for you, you may be a good candidate for dental implant surgery. Your teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that look and function like your old ones.

Implant crowns/dentures

Implant crowns and dentures are placed on top of dental implants. By using screws, it helps the implant crowns stay attached to the dental implants themselves.

Guided bone regeneration

This procedure uses barrier membranes in order to help the development of hard tissues, as well as soft tissues in periodontal attachment. This allows stable placement of dental implants.

Guided tissue regeneration

Like guided bone regeneration, guided tissue regeneration uses barrier membranes to help new bone and gingival tissue grow. This is useful at sites that have insufficient volumes.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Should you have misaligned jaws or teeth that are broken, missing, or crooked, this procedure helps correct all that. Full restoration can take up to 12 months to do.

Cosmetic makeover

A cosmetic makeover fixes any flaws in your current gums and teeth on an aesthetic level. We'll help you restore your smile to one you can be proud of.

Wisdom tooth removal

Although many wisdom teeth come in just fine, others can cause a myriad of problems, such as impaction and infection. Get relief from these problems by letting us extract them for you.

Periodontal (gum) surgery

Periodontal surgery is done when your gums are not in good shape. This surgery can help restore and regenerate gum tissue that has deteriorated.

IV sedation

Our dental office offers IV sedation for your comfort when you have your procedure done. Take the stress out of your appointment by making sure you're comfortable with sedation.


Catching cancer in its early phases can be a lifesaving thing. Our dentistry does biopsies on abnormal gum tissue to determine if you're at risk or not.
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