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Stressed About Going to the Dentist?

Dealing with Dental Anxiety and Fear

Do you suffer from anxiety or downright fear about going to the dentist? Don’t feel alone, up to twenty percent of all people in America do too. Unfortunately, this can be a debilitating reason for putting off or delaying the need for dental care. The more time a problem is allowed to go on the more painful, involved and expensive it can be to treat. A little dental disease always leads to more.

At Pagosa Dental Implant Center we are very concerned about your anxiety and fears for receiving dental care. We want everyone to have a great experience every time you are in our office and it is possible with every appointment. To help accomplish this for you, we offer different levels of sedation and ways to totally relax you and make you comfortable.

Dr.Thornell has many hours of training and required certification in the area of sedation and is also on the teaching faculty of Rocky Mountain Sedation who trains and certifies dentists to perform advanced oral and IV sedation to meet Colorado Dental State Board standards. To ensure the highest level of safety your vital signs will be continually evaluated through an entire procedure with the latest dental state board mandated monitoring technology. There is no reason to be nervous or fearful again because Dr.Thornell will personally customize a safe and effective sedation plan for you based on your individual need.
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Our In Office Services:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) - relaxation for the mildly apprehensive. A mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas is inhaled. May or may not cause drowsiness. The effects are worn off before leaving the office.

Oral Sedation - a small dose of medication taken orally designed to cause relaxation for mild anxiety. This may or may not cause drowsiness. Patient will need to have someone take them home after appointment.

IV Sedation- an anti anxiety medication combined with a discomfort blocking medication administered intravenously. The best form of conscious sedation for moderate to severe anxiety as well as for procedures that are lengthy and more involved. Dosage of medications can be administered in a more controlled fashion to accomplish mild to deeper levels of sedation. Duration of sedation is more manageable as well to accommodate a particular length of procedure. A minimal to total lack of recall for the time spent in the office is a feature of this sedation. The post-op recovery time is usually shorter than oral sedation but the patient still needs to be escorted home and monitored.
Whether you are just a little nervous or really fearful about coming to the dentist, we will cater to your needs. Don’t put it off any longer. Our staff is specially trained to make your visit relaxed and comfortable from start to finish. Get the dental care you need and deserve to start living your best life!


WOW-wonder of wonders!!! That was my experience with Dr.Thornell’s method of sedation for my surgery. I experienced no pain during or after my procedure. It was simple to do and then it was just a matter of waking up when it was all done. I would recommend this type of sedation to anyone facing oral surgery. Dr.Thornell has been my dentist in Pagosa since 2003. His experience and amazing
staff have been an incredible blessing to me and my family. I would strongly recommend Dr.Thornell to anyone seeking the best and most professional care anywhere for a life changing experience .
Barbara Rowzee
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